Bronze Knuckles is an award-winning jewelry brand by Los Angeles architect, landscape designer & design professor, Margaret Griffin. Her preoccupation with gardens and form is brought to life in these imaginative jewelry designs. 

Originally conceived of as a jewelry brand for women with big hands and fingers, Bronze Knuckles seeks to make you feel empowered, whoever you are.

Massive rings made of solid silver and bronze, each ring feels weighty yet comfortable on your finger and hand.

Inspired by Margaret's mother, three collections explore themes of empowerment. 

Flower Power is wildly inspired by Mother Nature.

Alphabet Soup are messages said with a finger.

In the Clouds are for imagination and dreaming bold.

Each ring is massive with deep voids to show off your finger, you are the gem. Each ring has a story, some evoke memories, some explore nuance, some express emotion, and others inspire. 

"Empirical knowledge is the greatest teacher"